Triple Slams


Los Suenos, Costa Rica & Oregon Inlet, North Carolina – It feels like there is a bit of an “Ocean Duel” between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Earliest this month, we had the 1,000 Blue Marlin Clubs started between the Big Oh in the Atlantic and Sea Spud in the Pacific. Now, it appears that we need to start the battle on variety after Stream Weaver and Fish Tank’s Triple Grand Slams.

We will start off in the Atlantic where Capt. Mike King and Mate Tim Kidwell put anglers Watson Caviness, Page Robertson and Watson Caviness, Jr. on a Triple Grand Slam, consisting of 3 Blue Marlin, 3 White Marlin and 3 Sailfish. Watson Caviness (Sr.) also released a personal Grand Slam. We believe this to be the first time in U.S. waters where a Triple Grand Slam has been caught. A quadruple slam was released off Venezuela on the Temptress in 1999.

Moving over to the Pacific we had the very active crew of the Fish Tank who also released a Triple Grand Slam. They released 4 Blue Marlin, 3 Striped Marlin and 3 Sailfish. Capt. Ben Horning lead the team with mates Justin Petrilli and Erick Martinez working the deck. Anglers Chris and Laura Jensen did the winding with Chris releasing a personal Slam. Over their 2 Day trip they went 14-17 on Blue Marlin, 4-4 on Striped Marlin and 5-7 on Sailfish. Two quadruple slams have been recorded in the Pacific, both coming in Costa Rica. First was in 1995 on the Hooker and the 2nd was in 1999 on the Cerveza.

Congratulations to Team Stream Weaver and Team Fish Tank for making us all jealous!


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