Welcome Back Madeira


Madeira, Portugal – What was no doubt the best place to catch a large Atlantic Blue Marlin in the 1990’s has had its ups and down over the last 15-Years. The Blue Marlin would always show, but the fishery really lacked a consistent bite. After a solid 2014 season, it appears that 2015 may be one for the record books.

In June of 2015 there were twenty (20) Blue Marlin released over 500 lbs. between the relatively small fleet. Compare that to June of 2014’s , twelve (12) Blue Marlin over 500 lbs and you can already see a nice increase. The fish don’t have a calendar though, so comparing one month to another may not be a fair metric, but when you realize only two (2) Blue Marlin over 500 lbs. were caught in June of 2013, you sure like the trend.

Here is where it gets really interesting though. Through only eight (8) days in July, Madeira has already matched their June 2015 500+ Total (6 Blue Marlin by comparison in 2014). July thus far has been absolutely spectacular! Yes, Capt. Gerald Frothy de Silva and Team Pesca Grossa brought the World Cup back to Madeira (which is a great accomplishment) but for this Blue Marlin enthusiast, nothing is more exciting than a reliable big Blue Marlin fishery.

Catching a Blue Marlin over 500 lbs. may not be a once in a lifetime event, but catching two in a day sure is close. How about three 500+ Blue Marlin in a day? Not Enough? Fine, we can all just agree that catching four Blue Marlin in a day over 500 lbs is truly a once in a lifetime event. The best fishing day of 2015 in the World came off the Pesca Grossa when they released a 900, 650, 550 & 500 lbs. Blue Marlin all in the same day. To put that in comparison to 2013 in Madeira, Pesca Grossa released more Blue Marlin in one day in 2015 over 500 lbs than the entire fleet did in the month of July in 2013. Excited Yet?

Omega 1 has probably had the most consistent fishing of the entire fleet as they have had both a strong June and July. They have had two days in July already with two (2) 500+ Blue Marlin released, which again in our view are “special” days. All boats have been getting their shots with Katherine B, Margarita, Tightline and Lara Jade all releasing fish in the 700 lbs. class. There have been some even larger variety of fish with our 1st confirmed Grander of the season on the Pesca Grossa and two other fish that we are going to call 950+ on Flipper and Sorted.

2015 is already a season to be remembered in Madeira and there are plenty more days of fishing left. Welcome back Madeira, we missed you!

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