White Marlin Run Begins

MaxBet on a White Marlin – Emanon Sportfishing

East Coast, USA – It is one of the most anticipated bites of the season. As summer ends and fall begins, so does the White Marlin bite from New Jersey to North Carolina. This is when this region really earns its White Marlin reputation with boats routinely seeing 10+ White Marlin in a day making it time to air out your dirty laundry. Add in some Blue Marlin, Sailfish and even a Spearfish and you start to see Grand Slams as well.


Cape May, NJ – Viking 70 flying 20 White Marlin flags from an overnight trip.

Virginia Beach, VA – Rebel released 2 Blue Marlin, 3 White Marlin and a Spearfish for a Grand Slam.

Nags Head, NC – Pelican released 9 White Marlin and a Blue Marlin.

Virginia Beach, VA – Full Pull went 10-12 on White Marlin.

Pirates Cove, NC – Tuna Trappe released 8 White Marlin and 1 Blue Marlin.

Cape May, NJ – Emanon went 9-10 on White Marlin.

Ocean City, MD – Absolut Pleasure went 10-14 on White Marlin.

Virginia Beach, VA – Dirty Business released 7 White Marlin and a Sailfish.

Nags Head, NC – Rigged Up went 8-10 on White Marlin.

Virginia Beach, VA – Backlash released 7 White Marlin and a Sailfish.

Nags Head, NC – Outer Limits released a Grand Slam with 2 White Marlin, Sailfish and a Spearfish.

Ocean City, MD – Rhonda’s Osprey released 7 White Marlin.

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