2016 Big Billfish By The Numbers

We had another incredible year in terms of reports to the Billfish Report with over 12,000 Reports. That means we averaged thirty-two (32) reports a Day. With all that data, we thought we would share with everyone what certain fisheries and boats produced in term of “Big Billfish” in 2016.


Thirty-One (31) reported with twelve (12) Blue Marlin and and nineteen (19) Black Marlin. The Great Barrier Reef (Australia) accounted for all but one (1) Grander Black Marlin. The Azores produced the most Grander Blue Marlin, with three (3).

   Largest Blue Marlin (Weighed)- 1,290 lbs. on Dreamin’ On in Cape Verdes.

   Largest Black Marlin (Weighed)- 1,135 lbs. by Steeve Tojib and Georges Mayet in New Caledonia.



We had six hundred forty-seven (647) Billfish reported to us over 500 lbs. This included 518 Blue Marlin, 114 Black Marlin and 15 Swordfish.


   Blue Marlin (500+)

   Cape Verdes was our Top Blue Marlin destination with 146 Blue Marlin reported to us over 500 lbs.

   Our Top Blue Marlin Boat was the Harmattan in Ascension Island releasing twenty-eight (28) Blue Marlin over 500 lbs.

   Black Marlin (500+)

   The Great Barrier Reef was our Top Black Marlin destination with seventy-two (72) Black Marlin reported to us over 500 lbs.

   Our Top Black Marlin Boat was the Tradition on the Great Barrier Reef catching twelve (12) Black Marlin over 500 lbs.

   Swordfish (500+)

   Tasmania, Australia was our Top Swordfish destination with seven (7) Swordfish reported to us over 500 lbs.

   Our Top Swordfish Boat was the Taroona in Tasmania catching two (2) Swordfish over 500 lbs.

   Our Largest Swordfish was 825 lbs by Dean Watkins in Tasmania.

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