Big Wave of Blues in Grand Canary


Grand Canary Island, Spain – After a good 2015, it appears the Blue Marlin have shown up in force already in 2016 and they are early. Not that they don’t catch fish in June on a regular basis, but the numbers they are seeing are very good. Capt. Perico Bentacor on Fish On had a very nice outing,  going 2-3 on Blue Marlin, but what made that day extraordinary was the number of fish he encountered. He saw fourteen (14) Blue Marlin between fish that he raised and fish that he saw free jumping and feeding. In Grand Canary, where the are known more for size than numbers, that is about as good as it gets.

Capt. Hafid Oualiti El Harrouyi (Long for Capt. Hafid) on the Cavalier says the current is excellent, the water color is beautiful and there is plenty of bait. Sounds like perfect conditions to us. With a lot of small fish around and in good numbers, he said it reminds him a lot of 2009. In that year the Cavalier released forty (40) Blue Marlin. That same year, there were also two (2) Grander Blue Marlin caught.

Capt. Randy Das on Cal Rei, fresh off a a great season in the Cape Verdes has already released nine (9) Blue Marlin over 4-Days. Two of those days he released three (3) all of those in the 300-450 lbs range.

There have been a few nice ones caught as well with seven (7) reported to us over 500 lbs. Largest we have heard of was an 850 lbs. Blue Marlin on the Black Marlin. Best day thus far came on the Fish On, when Capt. Perico released a pair of Blue Marlin, both over 500 lbs.

It is still very early in the season, so we are expecting some great reports out of there this summer.

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