March Monster Swords

March of 2016 was one of the finest if the not the finest month for large Swordfish worldwide in over 10-Years. In a good month, we may add 1-2 Swords to our 500+ Club. This March we added seven (7) over 500 lbs with our largest a 700 lbs beast on the Black Magic out of Tasmania.

637 lbs. Puerto Rican Swordfish (Paco Vela, RJ Boyle, Jeff Wilson)


Generally we see one fishery dominate a particular month, but in this case we could not even keep it to one body of water. We has fish caught in the Atlantic, the Pacific and even the Caribbean. While the 500 lbs. mark is the weight we keep records on, there were some impressive 400+ Swordfish caught as well with Dulce Coco weighing a 440 out of Puerto Rico and Odyssea weighing a 489 lbs. Swordfish out of Key West.

There are two relatively new fisheries that are really emerging into reliable Swordfish fisheries and they could not be more different. Over in the Caribbean out of Puerto Rico, Capt. Paco Vela has been exploring these waters with great success, eclipsing his own Island record twice, most recently with a 637 lbs. Swordfish. Then, on the opposite side of the world in a ocean that could not be more different, we have seen Tasmania starting to put up some large fish, making even diehard New Zealanders look twice.

We are early into April and already have another 400+ and just today we got word on a 600 lbs. Swordfish on Taroona released out of Tasmania. Boats are really starting to prefect their craft and it is showing. We are hoping this is a trend that continues.


Tasmania – Black Magic – 700 lbs.

Tasmania – Taroona – 650 lbs.

Casa de Campo, DR – Lady Shell – 609 lbs.

Lighthouse Point, FL – RJBoyle – 550 lbs.

Doubtless Bay, NZ – Wetta – 542 lbs.

Duck Key, FL – Broadbill – 557 lbs.

San Juan, PR – Sea Hunter – 637 lbs.

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