Prolific Sailfishing in Guatemala


Guatemala – The Sailfish bite has been absolutely incredible over the last two weeks and really for almost a month now. Boats are routinely getting 60+ bites a day, with some crossing over 100. Just in the last week we have seen eleven (11) boats cross the 50+ mark, including two (2) in the 60’s, two (2) in the 70’s and one over 80. The fish are wide spread as well with some boats having a pocket of fish all to themselves. Capt. Chris Sheeder on Rum Line found a wide open bite and the best report of the week, going an incredible 89-120 on Sailfish. Capt. Brad Philipps on Decisive had the second best day going 78-89 on Sailfish.  There have been some Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin around as well, with a very respectable 600 lbs. Blue Marlin released on the Decisive. 

Weekly Report Highlights

Decisive went  70-94 on Sailfish.

Sirena went 62-80 on Sailfish.

Rum Line went 57-84 on Sailfish.

Allure II went 54-89 on Sailfish.

Rum Line went 61-89 on Sailfish.

Tranquility went 51-85 on Sailfish.

Aguardiente went 58-67 on Sailfish.

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