How many places can you catch a marlin a month?

Not many, for sure…only in some of the world class fisheries can you really hope to catch a marlin every month of the year – and even then, in some, it’ll require some luck.  Kona, Panama, Cabo are but several of just a few fisheries where this is possible.

But the Cayman Islands?  Guy Harvey chronicles his attempt to catch a blue every month of the year in his blog posts – some great information on the Caymans fishery, and that some fish of real size come across those waters, especially in these early spring months.

A May blue marlin in the Caymans...courtesy Guy Harvey

Though we haven’t had many reports this year out of the Caymans, this is a great read – and tells you a little about how some underpublicized fisheries like Grand Cayman can produce some really terrific fishing.

Check out the blog at the following link…

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John Harmeling is the co-founder of and Having traveled to and fished the major billfisheries across the globe, he counts Kona and Cairns as his favorites, and the black marlin to be the ocean's supreme pelagic specimen. He believes the very best and most enjoyable place to find tuna is in a marlin's stomach.

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