St. Thomas Summer Moon

St Thomas, USVI – Everyone in the marlin fishing world know about St. Thomas and the famous North Drop. This is fishery has to be one of the best chances in the world if you want to catch a blue marlin. But the guys fishing St. Thomas don’t want to catch one, they want to catch TEN.

The "Revenge" with a 10 Fish Day (
The “Revenge” with a 10 Fish Day (

No blue marlin fishery is more dependent on the moon than St Thomas. Most boats fish only about two weeks a month as the moon is building to a full moon. There are a lot of theories on why this is true from better current to better bait concentrations. Whatever the reason, the results are impressive.

The American Boy Scout Marlin Tournament, called the Boy Scout brings some of the best boats in the Eastern U.S. every year during the August Moon. This years results continued to boost the reputation of this fishery. With 34 boats participating, the fleet released 159 Blue Marlin with the Top Angler with 7 released and the top boat with 12 released. That is almost 5 fish per boat.

While this was nothing short of impressive, this fishing was NOT the best of the season. The September Moon brought some of the best fishing this great fishery has ever seen. There were ANY number of boats catching 4-5 blue marlin a day. These are for JUST Blue Marlin. A second set of numbers is another impressive day for that boat.

Therapy 5 -7

Prime Time 5-6 / 7-15

Chach 5-11

Rude Awakening 6-10

Revenge – 10-10 / 7-7

The “Revenge” was the top boat of the September Moon with 54 Blue Marlin in 12-Days of fishing, just awesome!

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