October Swords in South Florida

Underwater Shot from Capt. Nick Stanczyk

South Florida & Florida Keys – We are on record for saying many times over now, the most reliable Swordfishing in the world is located off South Florida and the Florida Keys. This is absolutely a year-round fishery, that can produce both numbers and size. While the average fish, may not be what New Zealand produces, this fishery produces plenty of 500+ Swordfish each year.

There are times when the fishing is so good, we feel compelled to remind our readers that right here in the good ole USA, there is some phenomenal fishing for broadbills. We have heard of good action from Palm Beach down to the Middle Keys. Double D, Bouncer’s Dusky and Blue Yonder have all been on top of the Swordfish off Miami. The best day was on the Blue Yonder, who went 3-3 on Swordfish. The boats down in the Keys have the hot hand right now with Capt. Nick Stanczyk on Bn’M II and Capt. Brandon Mullar on the Broadbill leading the charge.  Capt. Stanczyk out of Islamorada’s Bud N’ Mary’s Marina (not even fishing on his normal boat) scored a 4-5 Swordfish day and Capt. Mullar out of Duck Key an equally impressive 4-6 Swordfish outing.

Most boats are daytime fishing, in fact it seems fewer and fewer boats are even fishing at night anymore. The majority of the fish are in the 100 to 200 lbs range, but Broadbill did weigh a 300 lbs Swordfish over the last week. With the moon almost full, we have to think this good fishing should continue so stay tuned for more reports.


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